Dirk Jan Van Heiningen

International aerobic & fitness presenter, educator, fitness club owner

As an aerobic instructor, personal trainer and educator with 15 years of experience in the industry I see new equipment every day, but when I first got to know the Freestyler, I was totally amazed. This device offers an effective, easy and fun whole body workout that makes the clients go crazy !

While working out on the Freestyler the whole body is working at once. The workload is spread among different muscle groups. This means that you feel no discomfort, just enjoy your body moving and stretching in one of the best workouts that ever hit the market. Minimum effort, maximum efficiency ! 

This is why I strongly recommend the Freestyler also to those who prefer working out in the privacy of their home. It's the smallest fitness in the world with amazing benefits. The variety of workouts will assure that everybody can find something for themselves.

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