(Freestyler walk & Multiaxis slow walk)

Cardio exercise 1Muscles involvedCardio exercise 2Muscles involved
Freestyler walkcore, quads, hip flexorsMulti axis slow walkcore, quads, hip flexors

And we’re going to go ahead and begin with our Freestyler walk – pushing and breathing. This one is going to challenge you but we are going to give you modifications through each sequence. So there’s your walk with a lot of pushing through the core. Next we’re going to do a Multiaxis slow walk. Notice a bent knee, I’m pushing into my freestyler I’d set my shoulders and now my core is tight. From this position I am going to raise one foot and look where my hand is positioned. The other arm is going to attempt to go up. Here’s your first mod, switch. Keep in mind where elbow is located. Make sure that it is a little bit in front of your body because it is a slow motion sort of walk. Nice and easy. Lots of strength, lots of core, lots of balance and control.