(Freestyler walk & Side step hold)

Cardio exercise 1 Muscles involved Cardio exercise 2 Muscles involved
Freestyler walk core, quads, hip flexors Side step hold core, quads, inner thighs

We'll begin with a little knee action. We normally do a little walk, a little functional walk which we totally enjoy, and we're going to build and grow. And here's the growth process. We're going to take a side step and we're gonna tap. We're gonna take a side step and we're gonna tap, a side step and a tap, a side step and a tap. So what would happen is the sequence would be a walking action and we would follow that with a side and a step. What you notice is that on the Freestyler we have forward arrows, you should try to keep the equal distance so even on both sides. The more extreme is the furthest one. Keep that in mind, arms up at all times.