(Knee up & Throw it all away)

Cardio exercise Muscles involved Strength exercise Muscles involved
Knee up core, quads, hip flexors Trow it all away core, shoulders

So let’s begin our cardio and strength interval. We’ll begin by changing weight securely, lifting one leg up. We’re trying to get that leg up to higher than 90 degrees or about 90 degrees. The ankle can either dangle or can be flexed. Switch legs. By raising your legs you automatically engage your transverses, hands can be neural up or neutral down. That will be your cardiovascular section. We’ll do that to tempo. Now separate your legs. Notice that the axis and the legs are close to each other. We call this throw it all away. Take it up and reach. This is a very restful position but I am engaging my core, my arms and my shoulders are pushed down.