(Leg extensions & Windshield wipers)

Cardio exercise Muscles involved Strength exercise Muscles involved
Leg extensions core, glutes, hams Windshield wipers biceps, shoulders

In the next level of intensity and trust me this is going to work your upper body and your lower body, the upper the lower the front and the back in four different directions at one time and that is how we designed it this way. So let's begin. We'll begin with a leg extension backwards, we'll counterbalance that with the arms extending forward. We could take it to a low point or a higher point, either one will be challenging. Let's switch legs, please. The foot goes back, in case you're having a little balance challenge put one foot down and that's always an option, extend the arms a little bit lower, pushing down the shoulders and back which naturally will extend the chest area engaging it. Your strength movement as Patrick coined it is called the windshiled wiper – we do a bicep movement first, we fan the hands out, we go into the bicep again and bring the hands into your centre. With tempo we go up, we go down, we go up and we go down.