(Three step kick & Ski jumper)

Cardio exercise Muscles involved Strength exercise Muscles involved
Three step & kick core, quads, inner thighs Ski jumper upper back, shoulders, triceps

Now that we've increased your intensity we're just gonna go a little bit further because we're all about pushing you to that next level. Let's take a side step, 1, 2, 3 and we're gonna kick. Now I'm gonna give you three choices in that kick:
- point your toe
- flex my foot out
- or go straight ahead

Three different level, three different intensities. 1, 2 make a choice so you can alternate them for variety, anything that makes you happy, just move with us. Next, we're going to do a little figure we call the ski jumper. We're gonna step forward in your mind's eye, getting ready for your jump and I want you to prep as with any other exercise. Pull the arms back and now just expand the chest, reach forward in space, close your eyes for a second, feel the rush of air, lift your palms upward. Then just lean forward on your skis. It is a complete upper body – arm engagement. So let's go – up, forward, bring it in, feel the breath, exhilaration then hold it, lift your chins and reach your chest forward and then bring it up.