(Thud curls & Right this way)

Cardio exercise Muscles involved Strength exercise Muscles involved
Thud curls core, hams Right this way core, quads, glutes

Now we are ready to work the thud. That special and magical area between your butt and your thigh. We call this thud curls. So please lift and bend the knees and lift a knee. You’re encouraged to pull back just a touch and you’ll have even more engagement of the hamstrings, gluts and inner thighs. The movement to combine this with is a side step. You may open your legs or keep them closed. If you close, the intensity will go up. If you point the foot, it’s decreased just a bit. Engage the shoulders.

Make connection with your chest. Keep your elbows straight and then gently lift up. The range won’t be very high. We’ll be repeating this movement. Reach it up through your fingers and continue extending. You will be using your chest muscles. Let’s try the other side. Extend the leg, extend the elbow. Push into the body, fingers open and extend up. If you have problems with the range just adjust your position. For more tension close the legs and you will feel it in your minor pectorals.