(Leg extensions & Upper cut)

Cardio exercise Muscles involved Strength exercise Muscles involved
Leg extensions core, glutes, hams Upper cut core, quads, glutes

Let's begin and continue our cardio and strength intervals. Begin by bending your knees, lift up one foot and then slightly pull it behind you. This time we're looking for an extended leg, a straight leg if you will as opposed to a bent knee. Let's try that one more time. Compressed down, feel your energy go into the board, lift the leg possibly pull it back and rotate outward. You can also go a little bit deeper while keeping the hips facing you, Continuing on. Our strength move. We're gonna take a little bit of legs apart, we're gonna rotate. I want you to bring the legs in and I want you to find a narrow space on the board. Begin by pushing and then pulling. We're working the back muscles, keep doing this motion to activate the muscles. The reason we have preparatory lessons is to show you the areas you'll be working. Dip the shoulder just a bit. Try the other side. We have you in rotation as well. We'll try by pushing forward and simultaneously pulling back. When you add rotation you're deeply into the muscles in the back and you hear me exerting because I'm innovating the muscles. I'm getting them ready for action.