(Sirtaki & Crank the mover)

Cardio exercise Muscles involved Strength exercise Muscles involved
Sirtaki core, inner thighs, hams Crank the mover upper back, biceps

For this cardio section we'll have a cardio and an interval, two movements. The first movement will be our sirtakis so please bend and prep, engage the supporting leg, lift up the heel of the other foot and bring it across. And again we call it the sirtaki – it is a basic movement in Greek dancing. Fabolous, works and tones the low body which is why everybody loves it. Moving on from there. We're gonna slowly slide sideways, so now we are changing positions on the board and we haven't done this before. I'd like you to roll your wrist forward with thumb pointing to the ground. Then I want you to take your thumb outward and as you do so pull your elbow back and lets work those back muscles. We're gonna start in that position, eventually we just want to pull the arms straight back – so we're giving you some options. Option 1 is elbow bent and option 2 is elbow straight. In either situation you'll be engaging the back and triceps but definitely the quadrants of the back.