(Thud curls & Criss cross)

Cardio exercise Muscles involved Strength exercise Muscles involved
Thud curls core, hams Criss Cross pecs, shoulders

The action will look like this. It will be a down with pulsing up and the down with the pulsing up. This will be your cardio interval. The next action will involve a boxing action or a criss cross action and you can alternate. Take one arm up and take the other arm up and then bring them down simultaneously. We’ll cross it and you may alternate. For a lower intensity just put the arms lower keeping the feet together. You feel it in the shoulders and back. You can separate your legs for a starting point. Find the place in the body that activates your chest and your back and the higher you go your core. If you bring your legs in you will be into your core muscles, center and back of the body.