(Thud curls & Reach for the stars)

Cardio exercise Muscles involved Strength exercise Muscles involved
Thud curls core, hams Reach for the stars core, shoulders

We continue on with the lower body and an upper body interval for strength. So your cardio is going to look like this, we're going to bend with a little variation, we're going to lift the leg and then I'm asking you to take it slightly across but it's not an extension, you're still in flexion meaning knee is bent. You're not only working the moving leg but also the supporting leg and it will be a challenge. We guarantee it. So moving on, our strength interval will be this. Let's go ahead and roll your shoulders, settle down into core, separate the legs. We'd like you to take one arm forward, slowly, reaching for the stars – it's called a reach for the stars. Take the other arm behind you, slightly rotate the wrist and you're not gonna feel any tension. If you'd like keep it up. The choice is yours. Bring it in, rotate in the other direction, look where you're going and reach for the stars and take the other arm behind you lightly. Those will be your two actions.