Cool down #1

Alright everybody. Now that you finished your workout let’s begin your cool down. Take your shoulders up. Pull them back and now push down. One more time. Take a deep breath in. Pull your shoulders back and then push down. Take one arm up gently and lightly. Palms over. Gently and lightly. And now pull down and squeeze. 

Look at the fingertips. One more time. Up. Light, very very light. And open. Now as you come down really extend those fingers. Let’s try the other side. Light, pushing the shoulders down, elongating the neck. And as you come down fingers big and bold. One more time. Take it over as far as you can and then pull it down, down, down. Let’s take our shoulders back palms turned out. Bring the hands together. And I’d like you to really keep your shoulders down. One more time. Open. Thumbs out. And then let’s roll it through the center. And again, push your shoulders down for me. Open up. Breathe in. Come slowly working into the hips as we pulse this movement down. And then up. One more time. Down. I’d like you to stay in this position.

 Place your hands on your knees. Open the chest. Shoulders down. Pulse, arms out. Extend and fold like a bird. Extend the fingertips. Bring it up. One more time. All the way down. Into the legs. Into the legs. Extend. Breathe with it. Hands on your thighs. Take a gentle side step. Put your heel flat on the floor. Toes up. And I’d like you to take your hip – hand on hip. Push into that hand. As far as you can. Press into the hand. Hand on the leg. Hold that posture. Take it down one more time. Reaching and sitting. Shoulders down. Change sides. Heel down, toe up. Place your hand on your gluts. Now push into that. Keep pushing. Keep pushing. Extending. 

And you’re going to find that you feel your hamstrings, as well as inner thighs and outer thighs. Let’s take it down to a neutral bend. Extend the arms, reaching through the fingertips. And pull it into your core. Push the hands down. Shoulders will go down also. We’re going to test a little balance action which will be great with the Freestyler.

 Take one leg up. And I want you to try first for the ankle and then the knee. Slowly lift it up and take grab of your foot. Hold. Hold. Hold. Put your hands down. And then switch sides whenever you’re ready. One more time. Start off gently. Ankles, knee. Grab the leg. And hold. And let’s finish up with a nice breath, please. Take your hands up.