Cool down #2

Alright. Let’s begin our cool down process. We’ll first work one side of the body and then the other. Let’s begin with one side. Take the arm forward partially and then pull it back. Take it forward partially and then pull back. Let’s go full range. Take it up all the way and then bring it down. One more time. Take it up and down. We’re going to add one more movement. Take it up, turn the body and look behind you and now pull it down. Let’s repeat that on the other side. Take the arm forward partially. Pull it back. Take the arm partially forward and then pull it back. Let’s take it up half way. Holding. And then release to the ground. One more time. Keep a lightly tensed hand and then bring it down. Let’s take it all the way. Arm up, rotate the core and pull the arm down behind you. And then release. One more time. Take it up, rotate the core and behind you. Both arms. Forward press, up and this time they will go to your sides. One more time. Forward pressing, up and to your sides. Hands on your hips. Rotate slowly through and push away. Hands come down. Rotate to the other side. Press. Hips are fixed, legs are fixed. One more time. Rotating through, looking forward. Look away. And press. Arms go up and over. Pull in. Press away. Arms go up and over and pull in. Next let’s go into the shoulders. Let’s take it up and pull down. With each move you’re working core, squeezing into the center. Arms up, making a fist and pulling down hard. One more time. Up and pulling down. Feet come together. Lift one leg, press into and then release. Lift the other leg and hold, pressing with the hands. This time make a fist. Push into your leg. And now lift the leg and release. Press into the leg hard and aggressively. And then lift it. Leg’s are separated. Find the hip, extensor. Hands behind. Push forward. Open up the hands, hold. Bring them in and relax. Hip extensors flexing. Touching. Sumo-style press down. Slowly lift up. Hands behind. Lifting chest, pushing up and being strong. Bring it down sumo-style. And relax. Shake the shoulders. Shake the fingers. Shake the hands. Arms circle up. Arms circle down. Arms up, press down. One more time. Arms up, hold, pull down. And relax.