Cool down #3

Let’s begin by turning sideways and then stepping toward the edge of your mat. Take your arms up. Find your center reaching up. Place the hands down, pushing as you go. Touch the legs. Chin tucks in and begins to roll down. As you get to your belly button bend the knees. Place all your weight onto your right foot. Take your left foot and stretch it back behind you, holding position. Moving smoothly. Next roll to the back leg, lifting up the toe of the forward foot. Push the hands forward and now pull the elbows back. Push the arms forward and step toward the toe that’s up. Hands go to thighs. Bend the hips and slowly roll the spine up. Find your neutral. Arms up and then pressing down. Let’s try it one more time on the other side. Go to the other side of the mat. Begin by standing in a neutral position. Take your hands up, arms slightly back. Bring the hands forward. Touch the leg. Begin to roll down from the top of the neck into the spine and when you hit the belly button flex in the knee. Shift weight to your left leg. Take your right foot behind you. Hold position stretching out the lower leg. Next shift to the back leg, lifting up the forward toe. Push the elbows forward. Pull back. As you push your arms forward step forward. Hands to knees flex at the hip and slowly roll up to neutral. Arms go up, holding and then release down.