Cool down #4

Place your hands to your thighs loosely and relaxed. Take your thumbs and push them down, pressing through the shoulders. Turn them inward and outward rotating them gently each time. Feel the forearm activate nice and relaxed. Next make a fist. Rotate and make a fist. Each time arms are by your sides and squeeze. Reverse the rotation, reverse it each time. Right now we’re working the joints in the wrist that connect to the arms. Moving on, elbow bending. Take it out to the side and then bend it into your center. Shoulders pressed down and elongated neck the entire time. Press outward and then bring it in working the elbow joints smoothly and effortlessly. Hands to your sides. Take your shoulders back and then release them forward taking them back each time breathing in relaxing slightly forward. Now add the thumb rotation. Thumbs swing around the body. Arms are extended and then released. You’ll also feel the muscles in the back. And then release through the center. One more time please. Open up with a little bit of extension and while you’re out there palms come together. Push forward. Bend the elbows and pull back. Each time you push forward pull you belly button back a little bit further each time. Backward pull, pressing and then releasing the belly button. Let’s bring those hands closer together. Sweep out. Bring them together. Press. Arms pull back. Press down. Shoulders open and relaxed. Let’s turn sideways. I’d like you to start with your chin. Tuck your chin down. 

Let’s roll from the top of the neck all the way through and slide your hands down your legs. Hold and then come up. That’s the basic movement. Let’s add a little bit more to that. So we are going to fold. Folding down, folding down. And then we’re going to pull up and each movement is as though one vertebrae is rolling down at a time. You’re going to feel your core engage. As you come up one part of your abdomen unfolds each time. Let’s try it again. It’s a segmented movement and it requires concentration and self-awareness. Chest open and shoulders back. Face forward. Let’s take you into the hip joint. Shift weight completely to one side and extend. Shift weight one more time and extend. When you shift reach. Keep pressing, keep reaching through core. Touch your tummy and feel your core engage. It’s quite firm. Switch sides. Take the arm out, pressing, reaching with the hip, elongating the entire time. And then release the arm. Let’s go directly into the midsection. Bend the knees. Hands on hip any way you’d like to place them. Forward bend, hip flexion, bending. And then breathe up, pressing through the gluts and then look up and breathe in. Release, flexing through. Chest up and then forward, forward, forward. And hold opening up those hip extensors. Flexion one more time, very important movement. Most people are flexed and we want to get you into extension. Let’s build on that hip extension. Feet together, bend one knee. I’d like you to go ahead and open up a hip by degrees. By degrees opening up the hip. 

Standing tall, toe down. And then folding in. Other side. Bend first. Open up second and hold. Open up the hip and then close. Let’s alternate that one more time, hands by your side if you like. Toe first. Open up the hip. Help yourself just a bit and then release it. And finally the other side. Opening up, working the hip, extending. Getting some hip extension into that action. And then release. Flex the knees. Press. And then up. Let’s find that 20 degree angle and work a little bit less than that. And then forward. Push down into the ground, working the lower leg at the same time. Down and then open. As you press start to fold the arms up breathing as you go. Releasing. Up. Down. Stay in this position. Bend a knee. Push down and rotate, working the ankle joint. Take a step to the side, flex the foot and tap. Flexing and tapping as many times as you would like. Flex and tap. Switch sides. We’re demonstrating the basic movement and you may find that you have to stay on one side longer than the other. And that’s quite OK. Feet together. Let’s ground ourselves. Push down first. Tighten. Up, breathing out. Pushing down, engage through legs. And then straighten up and push. One more time. To reach up push down first. Arms go up, breathing, pressing and when you come down to center stand up tall and erect. And you’re done.