Cool down #5

Begin with hands in neutral position just below the hip. Take them away from the body. Make a fist. Turn your thumb to you and then away from you. Turn your thumb to you and then away from you. Next turn the wrists. Both fingers and the hands are going to come to you each time. Keep rotating those wrists and let’s change direction. Turning once, twice and let’s build it into the elbows. Let’s now go to the elbow joint, pushing out and then pulling in. Pushing out and keep the neck long and then pulling in. Take one arm up and place it across your head. Gently lower one ear to the side and while you’re in that position arm goes up, reach to the opposite side. And then relax. Bring it in to neutral. Arm goes up placing it on the ear. Fold the other ear down. 

Hand goes up over head and gently fold over. And let’s continue on. Shoulder rolls. Take the shoulders back and as you take them back squeeze. Take them back and squeeze. Take them back and squeeze. Arms go out to the side and forward. Push away from you. Pull into your chest. Push away and as you push away relax down. As you pull to you, release and elongate the spine. Pressing, pressing, pressing and then pulling action. Let’s do that one more time. These are general movements and if you like the way one particular movement feels then continue doing that action. Push the hands down and let’s fold them behind you. From a side profile the hands are pushed down and roll the shoulders back. Chest up, shoulders back immediately tap the chin into alignment. And release. Let’s try that one more time. Arms go out palms up. Push down, press down with the hands, roll the shoulders and tap the chin into alignment mentally. Let’s face the front. We’re slowly working from top to bottom. Extend the hand palm up. Pull it across. Keep it below the chest. Scoop under touching the elbow. Hold and then release to neutral. Palm out and up. Pull it across below the chest slightly. Reach under and hold position. Return to neutral. Take both hands forward keeping the body fixed pull both arms to one side. Pull one elbow back. Keep extending and look toward one hand. And then relax. Hands forward. Move to the other side keeping the hips fixed. Pull, pull, pull and look off in the distance. And hold. Drop the hands to your side. Place one hand up as though pressing the wall. Pull it back. Take it forward and then to neutral. One more time. Elbow Is up. 

Push forward and then gently pull it back. And then release. Both hands push forward and I’d like you to try to just pull your fingers downward. Chest up, shoulders back. Up and let’s take it down. One more time with a little bit more flexion. Palms flat and release. Place your feet together. Putting your hands on the hips shifting the weight to one side, creating space in the body. One more time and then release. Let’s move it to the other side. Create space through the midsection giving the muscles more room to grow. And then press and release. Place the hands on the fore area of the legs, the hip extensors. Let’s go ahead and open them up, opening up chest simultaneously. Place your hands in the flexors. Pull them back slightly. Fold over. Place your hands open. Think of these as press points. Push forward into them opening up the shoulders, the chest. Folding over. Hands go to knees. Bend down pushing into your legs. Chest up, shoulders back. And then relax. One more time. Press into your legs, pushing, opening up the chest. Feeling the tension in the back release. And then up. Let’s work the knee joint. Feet are together. Bend a knee and then the other knee. Notice the alignment is straight. Both knees will now flex. Chest up, shoulders back. Only go to your own ability. And then release. This time while flexing focus on the lower part of the leg. Push down. Feel the muscles in the foot, feel the toes. Move them around in your shoe finding balance. The legs are now engaged. Release up, up, up into the arms. Arms go out to the side. Touch the leg. Press down. Up. 

Separate the legs. Place the weight on one leg. On the toe only roll the ankle. No hip and very little knee. Let’s reverse it. Go to as many repetitions as you are comfortable with. Shift weight. Point the foot. Maintain engagement with one leg. Only move the ankle joint. We’re rotating the ankle joint. Do not involve the hip. We’ve already worked the hip. And then reverse it. Next. Place one foot down slightly in front of the other. Toe goes to ceiling. Pressing. Pull both legs in and together. Hold position. Be mindful of your shoulders. Open up. Push down and hold always elongating the spine. Pull the chin into alignment. Switch positions. Again these are basic movements. Hold them for as long as you’d like. Open up, holding position. And then release. Feet are flat. Press down through center. Go up on your toes to the best of your ability. Arms reaching. Hold position. Down. Connect through core. Press down. We’re going to do this one more time. Use the floor to ground. Press up. Pushing, pushing with the hands, pushing, pushing. Hold. Adjust the hands to the best of your ability and then drop. Return to neutral. Take a deep breath in. Fold the hands over. Release down. And relax.