Cool down #6

Let’s begin our dynamic stretching sequence. Place one hand over head and gently move to one side of the body extending the neckline completely and hold for as long as needed. Next. Switch arms. Arm goes up over head touching the ear gently moving over. And when you’re ready and comfortable return to your neutral position. Following that, let’s go into the shoulder area. Interlace the fingers. Press forward. Release the belly button and keep pushing. Drop the shoulders into alignment. Open up the hands, palms together in the back. Head up, roll the shoulders back and press opening up the chest. Breathing in the entire time. Release hold. 

Next. Extend one arm and place it over your chest and low. Scoop underneath and touch working the shoulders. Push down and engage. Release the posture. Extend the other arm. Pull it across the body. Scoop under and hold. Drop the shoulder down. Breathe. And release posture. Next. One hand for support, bending the elbow over, over to your ability. Think of reaching up and through. Drop the shoulders down. And then return to neutral. Hand to hip. Take the arm up. Create space. Reaching over to the side staying in alignment the entire time not moving forward. Elongating, pushing and then returning to neutral. Next extend an arm. Point the fingers down. Apply slight pressure and drop the shoulders into alignment. Holding position. Keep pressing the shoulder down. Next. Extend the other arm. Finger down always go to your own flexibility, your own ability level. This will increase with time. And then release. Rotate the wrists to release tension. Next. Take the arms up. Bend one elbow as though you’re scratching the back of the head and touch the elbow. Apply gentle pressure. Push the shoulders down for posture and alignment. And then release. Arm up. Bend it behind you as though you’re touching your shoulder. And again you can work on this you can keep it slightly higher if you like. Apply pressure. Release and take the arms down. 

Place your legs shoulder-width apart. Shift weight to one side. Bend a knee. Toe comes up. Sit into position. Find the space that is between both legs. Press down. Chin up pushing the chest forward and shoulders down. Let’s change sides. Shift position. Bend the back knee, toe up to ceiling. Find that 45 degree space. Push down. Shoulders down, chest up and feel the back engage. Next. Return to center. Hands on hips. Chest up, shoulders back. Separate to sides. Next. Shift, bend a knee. Keep bending that knee. Hold position. Lift the chest up. Move to center. Turn the toes slightly out. Press. Chest up, shoulders back. Remember the shoulders and push down. Smoothly move weight to the other side. Weight goes securely over and hold. Chest up, shoulders back. And release. Turn sideways. Breathe in, chest up, shoulders back. Looking up. Take the hands up. Hold position. Take the arms forward and release. Return to the other side. Arms up. Hold position. Bring the arms forward. And release. Return to neutral.