Welcome to the Freestyler exercise Starter Guide!

In the below menus you can navigate between different single exercises & exercise intervals (Cardio, Strength, Cardio & strength, Strength & Balance). Choose an exercise (interval), then click on the corresponding link, which will take you to a complete video tutorial.

Strength exercises
Alternate front raiseDiagonal arm liftLeg adductionSide bend
Alternate leg curlsDiagonal hip extensionMultiaxis shoulder pressSprinter
Arm circlesDouble side bendMultiaxis walkSquat
Bent over twistForkliftOverhead triceps extensionTennis swing
Biceps screw curlGolf swingReverse butterflyTriceps kickback
Biceps tricepsGood morningRowingTriceps V kick
ButterflyKnee extensionShoulder lateral raiseTrunk rotation
Calf raiseLeg abductionShoulder pressUpright row
Cardio intervalsStrength intervals
Cardio part 1Cardio part 2Lower bodyUpper body
Freestyler walk & Step point backSquat narrow & Rowing
Freestyler walk & Step kick forwardSquat wide & Butterfly
Freestyler walk & Step lift backSquat sway & Bottle opener
Freestyler walk & Step knee upWide step squat & Windmill
Freestyler walk & Hip HipLeg curl & Biceps Curl
Freestyler walk & Multi axis slow walkAngled squat & Diagonal push
Freestyler walk & Side step holdAngled knee extension & BB biceps triceps
Freestyler walk & Side step knee upKick the ball & Triceps extension
Freestyler walk & Side step kick outSide hip extension & Side triceps kickback
Freestyler walk & Side step lift backDonkey kick & Zen arms
Freestyler walk & Side step knee upLeg adduction & Jean claude
Freestyler walk & Side step to 5thLeg abduction & Cross country skier
Freestyler walk & Side step to 3rdAlternate leg abduction & Golf swing
Freestyler walk & Side step to 5th repeaterAlternate knee up & Arm swing
Freestyler walk & Side step to curtsyDiagonal leg curl & Froggy
Freestyler walk & Side step front & backAlternate hip extension & Chest squeeze
Freestyler walk & Step knee high and holdGood morning & Rock the baby

Front & back & Shoulder shrugs
Triple threat & Upright row
Cardio & strength intervalsBalance & Strength intervals
Cardio partStrength partStrength partBalance part
Three stepScrewdriver & Leg up
Three step tap & Shoulder pressTree in the wind & Greek dancer
Three step knee up & Open upHappy time & Knee back
Three step kick & Ski jumperGood morning & Waiter
Three step curtsy & Upright rowTwisting pole & Arabesque
Three step side flexion & ScrewdriverEvil twist & Pendulum
Three step serving tray & BoxerPush the wall & Bollywood
Three step Statue of liberty & ThrowerReach for the top & Silly billy
Three step Welcome & RowingOut of the deep & Crazy angles
Three step presenter & HipsterHip circles & Crane
Three step pickaboo & Half moonGood morning & Front flex
Thud curls & Lift backReach for the top & Side abduction
Thud curls & Criss CrossBelow the belt & Hip extension backward
Leg extensions & Windshield wipersDead lift & Kinetic kick
Thud curls & Right this wayGood morning & One legged squat
Leg extensions & Happy timeCaterpillar & Oblique cross
Thud curls & Reach for the starsDiscus thrower & Ronde
Leg extensions & Upper cutSexy crunch & Silly billy Front
Sirtaki & HummingbirdRotating stork & Rotating stork balance
Sirtaki & Crank the mover
Sirtaki & Reach for the top
Knee up & Trow it all away
Warm upsCool downs
Warm up #1Cool down #1
Warm up #2Cool down #2
Warm up #3Cool down #3
Warm up #4Cool down #4
Warm up #5Cool down #5
Warm up #6Cool down #6