How To Get A Strong Core With The Freestyler

One of the essentials in getting a fit and athletic physique is core conditioning. Core workouts strengthen the ab muscles and helps stabilize the body’s center of gravity for improved balance, all in a matter of weeks. A strong core also helps break down fat, allowing the body to lose weight faster.

Core conditioning workout helps tone not just the abdominal but the back muscles as well. Since more exercises one can do with the Freestyler require the use of the upper and lower limbs, a majority of the body's muscle groups is being worked out for total conditioning.

Some may be asking how the Freestyler helps users meet core conditioning goals. The infusion of resistance training in each workout increases the intensity of each movement, so that each muscle contraction effectively trains the muscle and burns calories. This solves the problem of most workouts where the body merely follows the form, but the lack of resistance is not burning the right amount of calories.

Core conditioning exercises can be done at home, without the use of complicated gym machines. The Freestyler incorporates the use of tension bands and a wide range of motion exercises that requires stability and balance to get a strong core. Other exercises designed to spot train certain parts of the body also train the core, since the body is required to keep the chest out and the stomach in, while these exercises are being performed. Typical examples of workouts which cans be done using the Freestyler like the lunge and the standing leg lift also strengthen the core, although they are mainly performed to tone the legs and thighs.