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The ability to address the motivational needs of the client in an ongoing effective fashion is one of the instructor’s most important and most difficult responsibilities. It may also be the instructor’s single largest measure of success. Rather than simply placing the blame of nonadherence on the client, the instructor must view motivation as a joint  responsibility shared with the client. It is also helpful to view the motivation process as something dynamic. Different strategies may be needed for different clients at different stages in the program. For example, the types of strategies used during the initial critical period of exercising may well differ from those most useful in helping to maintain exercise after a few months. The Freestyler system is a way to overcome these motivational problems. The new choreographies that arrive every three months will be one of the strongest motivational tools the instructor can lean on.


How does the instructor know that it will be safe for a client to participate in one of the Freestyler classes, no matter how safe the instruction is? We cannot demand a complete physical examination, but we can provide some basic guidelines to help protect their safety. Medical clearance should be asked from clients aged 35 and over. We recommend a medical physical examination for all clients who have not been exercising regularly, unless they are 30 years of age and have had a satisfactory check-up within the last year.

When choosing betweenprograms a beginner should start with start with the less complex routine.

Those fond of the pilates technique should have been exercising mat pilates before FREESTYLER PILATES. It is advised to wear proper shoes during cardio and strength workouts. While doing FREESTYLER PILATES it is advised to wear non-slippery socks.

When introducing yourself, the class structure and the purpose, explain that the class is non-competitive and that all participants should work at their own levels. Whenever possible offer choices for the participants!

A well-organized room and Freestyler boards arranged before the participants enter the room will add to a well-organized workout. The Instructor should check the microphone, the sound system, the batteries, lightening, ventilation, and check the floor for dirt or wet spots. Above all, always be ready for the unexpected! Have some background music on when participants enter the room and while you welcome them to your class.

To control your class you have to master your verbal and nonverbal or visual instruction. Make your instruction clear and understood by everyone in the room. The most important rule in controlling the class is: see the entire class as well as each individual!