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The practical value and mobility of the FREESTYLERTM device together with the safety, versatility and effectiveness of the FUNCTIONAL DYNAMICSTM exercise system set it apart from other popular exercise equipment. This exercise system is unique because it combines progressive resistance with multi-axis movements to simulate natural human movements.

Everyday natural motion demands movement in all directions. When exercises force us to make simple movements they are often less effective and less useful. The FREESTYLERTM device was designed by experts in the field of sports training who know how much, when, and with what means it is necessary to train in order to achieve desired results in the shortest possible time span. Because this device enables completely free and natural movements on all levels, we named it the FREESTYLERTM.

Many scientific studies emphasize the importance of strength training for the physical, cognitive and psychological well being of an individual. Regular exercise makes possible many extra years of active and independent life, promotes the capacity for normal functioning, wards off diseases like obesity and osteoporosis, and improves overall quality of life, especially later in life.

The FREESTYLERTM is a modern exercise platform that makes very different and interesting workouts possible. The Freestyler has been extensively studied and researched for over 3 years and integrates the latest scientific achievements. The result is a highly methodical, systematic and logical exercise technique. This exercise technique has been called FUNCTIONAL DYNAMICSTM because it integrates functional multiaxis movements, elements of PNF techniques, different types of muscle contractions, proprioceptive workouts, synchronized whole body movements, visualization techniques, breathing techniques, and more, all joined into simple, safe and efficient workout routines.

These structured and improved exercise systems are gaining ground all over the world as more and more people have realized that old ways of exercising are not satisfactory. There are many advantageous features of the exercise system on the FREESTYLERTM device including its practical value and mobility, the utmost safety of the FUNCTIONAL DYNAMICSTM system, its accessible price and, above all, its effectiveness.

The advantages of the FUNCTIONAL DYNAMICSTM system on the FREESTYLERTM device, which makes use of elastic resistance, makes it superior to mainstream methods of training because the FREESTYLERTM simulates natural human movements.

The FREESTYLERTM and the FUNCTIONAL DYNAMICSTM system take us further in this direction. Different programs enable various uses of the FREESTYLERTM device and make it an ideal choice in many wellness programs. The FREESTYLERTM device can be used in existing sport training regimes, in pre-choreographed group fitness to music, in advanced rehabilitation after an injury, personal training and in enhancing the benefits of Pilates techniques. Last but not least, as the smallest home gym in the world, it provides countless exercise options.