Corrective fitness

Do you have spine problems (kyphosis, lordosis,scoliosis) due to poor posture?
Do you wish you could stop slouching?

Freestyler "power house" program will improve your back strength & posture in a matter of weeks!



  • Working with the Freestyler is really fun. I feel terrific the next day

    First I was afraid, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. Finally, it was really fun and I felt terrific the next day. It really worked on my core. I feel like my balance is better, because I found my center. Click here for video testimonial

    Joy Gregg

    Home gym user, Daytona Beach Florida
  • It's like a little Pilates reformer that you can carry around

    At first I was concerned how I am going to feel the next day, because I have a bad knee. But the day after training, I felt great, I felt elongated and good. I definitely encourage others to get a Freestyler! Click here for video testimonial


    Home gym & group fitness Freestyler user, Florida, USA
  • Toned but still tight & very feminine

    I started out as a power-lifting competitor, so I ended up being a little bit too muscular for bikini competitions. Freestyler really gave me a totally different tone of body, so I can actually compete as an IFBB PRO bikini competitor.
    Click here to watch video testimonial

    Bernadett Matassa

    IFBB PRO Bikini competitor, personal trainer, club owner


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Amazing innovative setup allows free natural 3D movements under full time resistance
  • 1x FREESTYLER™ Base Board
  • 6x Elastic Tubing (Easy, Medium)
  • 1x Pair of Ankle Cuffs
  • 1x Pair of Handles
  • 1x Foldable Mat (3 folds ... 120x60 cm)
  • 1x Storage Bag

FREE ACCESS to the Online support center.
Video stream workouts anywhere you are!

  • Online Personalized Fitness assessment
  • Online Personalized Nutrition report
  • Online Starter guide "Learn the moves”
  • for over 200 highly efficient exercises

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    In addition you get:

    You also get...

    Healthy eating plan to help
    you shed weight even faster.

    And that's not all!
    - Online starter guide
    with 200 exercises
    - Online Fitness level
    Assessment tool
    - "Top 10 exercises"

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    Thousands of success stories from all over the world give us confidence to offer to you the money back guarantee option.

    Your FREESTYLER™ has a warranty of one year for all parts from its purchase date. We take great pride in providing support and service our clients need.


    Samples from the Freestyler video center

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    Sexy crunch & Silly Billy front

    FreeBalance 60 min trainer

    Caterpillar & Oblique cross

    How to enhance the effects of Perfect posture

    Perfect Posture Fitness Exercises

    If you are looking for corrective fitness solutions, you should check out Freestyler. The Freestyler has posture corrective exercises that you can do so you can get that perfect posture. The program will strengthen muscles and improve overall posture. The set that will get to help with your posture is the Freestyler baseboard, elastic tubing set, ankle cuffs, handles, fold-able mat, storage bag. You can also get a DVD to help you with your exercises.

    Freestyler works the entire body at once so that there is not an imbalance in the body. It also makes it less likely for potential injuries. While you are working out, you will not only improve your posture but you will also get lean muscles. It is a fat burner and body shaper at the same time. The exercise equipment is safe and simple to use and is supported by a video virtual trainer that will lead you through the exercises. The exercises are adapted for different workout preferences.

    There are endless workouts that you can do on this product and you can progress from one exercise to another. The core training that you will receive will teach you how to control your body so you are using it more efficiently.