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Freestyler programs are different in their energy and in how they are performed. Moves need to be taught with an emphasis on total body awareness and a powerful workout based on dynamic music and movements. To perform the programs an instructor should use body language, facial expressions, and voice to interpret and project the feeling of the music and movement like the best performer on a big stage.

Though the movements should be executed perfectly an instructor should never forget to express those movements with energy and emotion, to have fun and to let participants enjoy themselves. As there are different instructors with different ability for performance and communication and, above all, different character it would not be appropriate to expect or even to prescribe the art of performance. One should know how to use his/her own potential to perform. Only one thing should be expected from everyone: to step out of his/her comfort zone and to be a performer he/she would wish to be as if on stage. By stepping out of your comfort zone as an instructor you help your participants to let go, to leave their inhibitions behind and simply enjoy the workout.


Perfect execution, practice and knowledge are the fundamentals of confidence. It is impossible to focus in your class if you are not sure about what the next move is, what the structure of the song is or what are you are doing at all. A certain degree of relaxation should be present in your behaviour. If you worry about choreography, words and everything you should have learned to be confident about long before entering the class, you will be creating barriers and your participants will sense your nervousness and anxiety.