Strength & Conditioning

  • Maximize efficiency with whole body workouts
  • Make your core and joints stable & avoid injuries
  • Strengthen support muscles with multiaxis moves
  • Programs by body types, sport specific, seniors ...



  • With Freestyler you can simulate almost any sports technique

    What I like about the Freestyler is that you can simulate almost any sports technique or movement. I realized that functional exercising is really the best way to practice. You get strength and power where and when you need it. With multi-axis movements, muscles surrounding the joints are strengthened.

    Urban Praprotnik

    Ex top athlete, award winning researcher & running coach
  • Freestyler is very versatile. It's an entire gym in one piece.

    What I like the most about Freestyler is that it’s very versatile. I can do cardio, strength training and at the same time work on core, stability, balance, coordination with my Personal training clients. Click here for video testimonial

    Robyn Bartkiewicz

    Personal trainer, Fitness Club Owner, NPC Bikini competitor, Florida, USA
  • Clients of all ages love the Freestyler

    I love the Freestyler. There’s a lot of different exercises you can do. I also travel sometimes with the Freestyler. It’s easy, I just pack it with me and take it wherever I go. Click here for video testimonial

    Julie Bryant

    Personal trainer & nutritionist, Florida, USA
  • Freestyler enables strengthening of supporting muscle groups

    The Freestyler is a great workout, you are able to enhance strengthening of supporting muscles, not just big muscles, which are easy to workout. I put my clients on the Freestyler, specially men. Click here for video testimonial

    Wash Candido

    Personal trainer, physique competitor, USA
  • Your core is working hard the entire time

    The core is completely trained during every exercise, because you’re keeping the core completely hard the entire time, and when you workout with free weight, that’s something you don’t get. It puts me in movements I don’t typically do with free weight training. Click here for video testimonial

    Brad Brooks

    Personal trainer, 1st place in men's physique division NPC Orlando, USA


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Amazing innovative setup allows free natural 3D movements under full time resistance
  • 1x FREESTYLER™ Base Board
  • 6x Elastic Tubing (Easy, Medium)
  • 1x Pair of Ankle Cuffs
  • 1x Pair of Handles
  • 1x Foldable Mat (3 folds ... 120x60 cm)
  • 1x Storage Bag

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  • Online Personalized Fitness assessment
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  • Online Starter guide "Learn the moves”
  • for over 200 highly efficient exercises

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    Samples from the Freestyler video center

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    Leg adduction

    Multiaxis walk

    Multiaxis shoulder press

    How to enhance the effects of Strength & Conditioning

    The Benefits Of Using The Freestyler Strength And Conditioning Equipment

    The Freestyler professional fitness system is an excellent way to get a total body strength and conditioning workout. The system is based on years of scientific research that has perfected the way you can burn calories while developing a super strong core and long, lean, flexible muscles. The Freestyler offers endless workout possibilities for your strength and conditioning practice.

    The way the Freestyler strength and conditioning equipment works is through a unique system of rollers and elastic tubing that allows for 3D natural and multi-axis movements. The flexible tubing is designed to be similar to the body’s natural muscle structure to allow for fluid movements. This also allows for safe and effective workout programs by adding progressive resistance to take your strength and conditioning practice to the next level. 

    When you are working out on the Freestyler your whole body is getting conditioned while the work load is distributed throughout the different muscle groups. With over 1000 exercise options that will continually keep you challenged, the Freestyler also allows you to easily progress from one exercise to another to maintain the intensity of the workout.

    The Freestyler professional fitness system will allow the user to get a complete strength and conditioning workout. The innovative technology ensures that you will get a safe and complete body workout. This versatile piece of workout equipment is easy to move and an affordable investment to make for your home workout space, sports conditioning workout or fitness club.