Strength/Balance Interval
(Below the belt & Hip extension back)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Below the belt shoulders, pecs Hip extension backward core, glutes, inner thighs

Your very first move is called Bellow the belt. All day long I’ve been calling it Under the belt and that is just not a good sound for any movement. So let’s begin with your free hand. Reach it across. You might feel a little intensity. For more intensity move your feet together. When your feet are together on the Freestyler it’s a higher level. Reach across. Don’t rotate because we’ve done those. Keep the core tight. Be tall and elongate the spine. For bellow the belt you’re going on the angle of my pant line. We use the clothing as markers in training tools. It really helps you stay focused. Next we’re going to include a little hip extension. For greater challenge you have an option of touching the board with your foot or not. If you want to touch the board just for security, just feel free. If you want to keep your foot up and move it around in space so much better.