Strength/Balance Interval
(Caterpillar & Oblique cross)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Caterpillar core, upper back, glutes, hams Oblique cross core, quads, hip flexors, thighs

Welcome to another core power, strength and balance section. Your first movement is called the caterpillar. Be as expressive as possible. Cross your hands in front. Let the tubes hang right in front of you. Take your shoulders down. Start by rolling your neck down to your chin. Take it into the upper portion of your spine. Start to push the middle portion of your spine downwards. Exaggerating and coming into the core. Maintain tension the entire time. Keep your hips back. And as you come up. Let’s come up vertebrae by vertebrae reversing the process to conclusion. That is called the caterpillar. 

The complimentary movement to that is going to be called a little leg extension or oblique crunch. So extend one arm. Bring one leg across and let’s meet the two in the middle. And this is a repetitive action. This will become your balance challenge. Should you lose the balance tap the board and then come down. Keep it moving both in and out. Find the range or stop. Let’s try the other side. At a little more advanced level it would look like this; in and out and notice how my foot is not touching the board. Use your elbow and rotate in. If you need to just tap the board and find your balance.