Strength/Balance Interval
(Deadlift & Kinetic kick)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Dead lift lower back, glutes, quads Kinetic kick core, glutes, hams, quads

Welcome to yet another core balance, strength and power section. So let’s begin with something we like to call a Good morning. Take your arms up and then cross them at the chest area. We prefer that you put your feet together but everyone has different intensities so I am going to go slightly wider. Start by going into a bit of a knee bend. Then pull your hips back. You will immediately feel a little tilt. So tilt up a bit. Engage your hamstrings. Slowly bend down and then bring it up. Let’s realign. Keep the knees a little bit bent to have a little bit of flexion going. You want constant flexion into your gluts and into your hamstrings which support your lower back area. 

To this we’re going to add a step that we call the kinetic kick. Extend your arms just a bit and check your board making sure you’re centered. Let’s begin with some back action and please visualize. Pretend that you’re a soccer player and give a nice kick forward with a good action shot. Reach forward and get a good pose and hold your pose . Let’s switch sides. At some point the heel is going to go forward and you can start arms neutral just get the leg going at first and as you feel more comfortable you’ll add some arms to it.