Strength/Balance Interval
(Discus thrower & Ronde)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Discus thrower core, pecs, shoulders Ronde core, glutes, inner thighs

Welcome to another core balance section. So let’s begin. This first action is going to be your strengthener. It is called the Discus thrower. Take your palm down to the ground and keep the other arm just up and quite engaged. Rotate the body behind you. Look behind you. Generate energy, come through and maintain the extension and then release in space. You’ll going to find that this rotation is really going to help the mid section. Both the obliques, the love handles and the back area. Let’s try the other side. You really have to visualize a discus thrower and what they have to do. They wind up and then they release the energy forward. When you throw the discus there is a natural arc and you should use that. 

On the next section, the balance portion. We call it this a Ronde. It’s a general dance movement for balance. Start from the back. So extend the foot and then tap through it. It goes to the side, to the front and then directly forward. And again to the side, to the back and directly back. Because it is a balance challenge, your goal will be not to touch the floor. Let’s try it again. It goes back and around and forward. You can have your toes pointed or flexed. For a little different balance sensation go between flexion and extension.