Strength/Balance Interval
(Good morning & Front flex)

Strength exerciseMuscles involvedBalance exerciseMuscles involved
Good morninglower back, glutes, hamsFront flexcore, hip flexors, inner thighs

We’re about to introduce some more core strength and balance moves. These are going to challenge you just a little bit more. So for your strength exercise let’s take you arms up as we prep you for the training. Softly bend your knees and pull your hips back. Maintaining this position bend slightly forward from the hip and then come up. Notice the lines on my pants. If you notice they are moving toward the ground and I am trying to make them point to the ground.

Your next action works in conjunction. It’s going to be a forward kick hip flexion. Extend the foot and bring it in. Previously you held your balance now you have to move it forward in any plain and in any direction. Alternate legs as well. It’s up. Extend and you’re into the hip area. But we are working balance and we’re challenging the balance.