Strength/Balance Interval
(Good morning & One legged squat)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Good morning lower back, glutes, hams One legged squat core, quads, glutes

Welcome to another balance core strength and this can really be called a challenge. It truly is. If you want to modify it you can go slightly wider or a little narrower. For intensity you can switch between a wider and more narrow version. Bring your hands up not letting the bands touch your forearms. It’s a little triangle. Push down and bend the knees. Flex the hips backward. Keep alignment and then come up. As you go down activate the hamstrings by  pushing into the heels. Keep tension in the heels of your feet and you’re going to feel that your gluts, your inner thigh, your outer thigh become extremely activated as well as the transverses lower abdomen area. The action. 

The balance challenge – one of my favorites – it’s called a One legged squat. This is the modification. Bend one knee. Bend the other knee and lift it off the ground. Every time you feel the need – for mental security, you need it at times – just tap, breathe and then begin again. Let’s try the other side. You’re going to find that in these balance challenges that the supporting leg if you can get it to move while maintaining your balance you will build an even stronger body.