Strength/Balance Interval
(Good morning & Waiter)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Good morning lower back, glutes, hams Waiter core, glutes, shoulders

Welcome to our core balance and strength section. Begin by raising up the arms and since this is your little prep warm-up separate your legs just a little bit. Look down on the ground and check the markings. Slightly bend your knees and slowly pull your hips back. Notice the arrows in front of my Freestyler pants will pull slightly backward. Bend slightly forward and come back, squeezing your gluts under you. One more time, pull your hips back. The minute you pull your hips back you activate your core and the lower portion of your abdomen – drill trouble spot. 

The next action is called the waiter. Extend your arms forward for counterbalance. Take one foot back, bend the knee. Take it straight back – not too far. And if you should feel wobbly, use more arm strength. The bands are there to assist you. One more time. Prep a foot, bend the knee. Extend your arms. Chest up. Shoulders back. Remember your core activates the front of the body as well as the back. Use your back muscles.