Strength/Balance Interval
(Happy time & Knee back)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Happy time core Knee back core, hams, glutes

For your next core balance and strength segment let’s begin by taking the hands up. We refer to this lovingly as happy time. So go ahead and bend slightly to one side and perhaps wiggle your fingers. That way you’re not too tense in your hands and do just a little bit of side flexion. And you’ve got the bands supporting you. It feels fabulous on the side of the body. 

The next action is going to be called Kick it. It’s exactly what it implies. Prep a toe. Bend a knee. And just hold your foot back in space. Use your bands to counterbalance. Try the other foot. Put your feet together. Prep a toe. Bend a knee and use your arms as a little bit of counter leverage. Enjoy your balance program.