Strength/Balance Interval
(Hip circles & Crane)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Hip circles core, inner thighs Crane core, shoulders, thighs, quads

Welcome to core power, strength and balance section. Yes, the training has quite evolved, hasn’t it. So let’s bend one knee. Extend a foot. This movement, using just the foot, is not what we’re going for. Put one hand on your hip and then the other. I want you to feel your hip lift up into the core. You’re going to feel it right about here in this zone – handle height. Let’s switch sides. I want you to recognize that possibly it’s not yet time to lift the complete foot off the floor. Do one circle. Rest. Do another circle. Rest. Find the place and the manner of freestyling that appeals to you. 

The balance challenge today is going to be lifting the arms up and then out. And here’s the challenge. Same side, same leg. Let’s lower that arm. Extend the other one and make the closes arm and leg work together. Elongate and this is called the Crane. Let’s try the other side. Take one arm up. Turn the other one out. Bend the knee and rotate it out. This posture is called the crane. Open up the chest and back. Look at the difference in posture. Elongate and relax.