Strength/Balance Interval
(Out of the deep & Crazy angles)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Out of the deep core, glutes, shoulders Crazy angles core, shoulders, hip flexors

Let’s begin our core strength balance and power section. This will be a challenge. Rotate your heels just a little bit so you have a little bit of an angle because we need to stretch out. The next movement is called Out of the deep. So let’s go into the core and let’s explode outward and forward. Hold the posture. That’s your strength move. Let’s try the other side. Again a little bit of an angle so you can see the Freestyler leg on the side. Go into your core. Take a deep breath in. Extend. Use your bands. Extend outward. Reaching. And let’s release. 

Your next movement is the challenge. I’d like you to begin with a crazy angles. 90 degree angles. So I’ll start us off. There’s my first angle. My oppositional angle will be one leg up. This is called Crazy angles. Let’s take it a step further. Bring the arm down. There’s your posture. And let’s switch sides. Take one arm up and one arm out. Bend the knee. Lift the leg and drop into posture. Let the bands help you at every moment.