Strength/Balance Interval
(Push the wall & Bollywood)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Push the wall shoulders Bollywood core, shoulders, hip fllexors

Let’s begin our next core balance and strength section together. This one is a little bit different. Part of the freestyling technique is called visualization or proprioception. I am going to talk you through the internal workings of it. Bend your knees. I can activate the core but in any movement you are in control. Extend your arms forward. Take a deep breath in. Now as your arms release, breathe out. By controlling the breath and the energy flow as you exhale out, breathe in and activate your core. Breathe out. If you’d stay in this position and touch the abdomen you’d find that it’s really quite tense. 

In the next movement we’re going to take an extreme position. Extend the arms. One up. One out. Bend the knee. Notice I have to propriocept. Even though my knee is up and my arm is low, this is actually a more challenging posture. If you need some help, lift the hand. Let’s try the other side. Take one arm up, the opposite knee bent. Elbows go out. Lift up to your ability. The difficulty comes in in dropping the arm. If you need a little more help, assist yourself. The bands are assistive.