Strength/Balance Interval
(Reach for the top & Side abduction)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Reach for the top core, shoulders Side abduction core, glutes, outer thighs

Let’s prep for our next series of movements. The first strength builder or activator is going to be called Reach for the top. Notice we breathe in. We hold posture. Let’s separate the legs for just a moment and pull your shoulders down. Slowly take your arms up and I want you to actually just wiggle your fingers like you’d be trying to reach for the very top. It’s called Reach for the top and that’s the action. It is a core strength builder

From this position we’ll transition. Turn slightly sideways and keep your hands by your hips on one side preferably. Bend a leg and out you go to the side. This is a balance challenge. The bands are going to pull you back and occasionally you may have to tap and stop. And then start again and that’s not a problem. Try the other side. We prefer slow movements. But the fact that you’re controlling the bands will definitely challenge your balance. So if you move a little bit awkwardly, don’t worry that’s part of the program.