Strength/Balance Interval
(Reach for the top & Silly Billy)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Reach for the top core, shoulders Silly billy core, shoulders, inner thighs

Let’s begin please. In our tutorial the two movements we’re going to be engaging in are called Reach for the top. So let’s reach for the top. Take it up. Notice my hands are turned out. I don’t want you to think of pulling down. I want you to think of reaching and breathing through the fingertips. You are activating the sides of your body. Keep your head in one position and allow your arms to go up and down in a small fashion. 

The next action is called Silly Billy. It is playful but it is an extreme balance posture. Extend one foot and the same hand on the same side. Palms up as always. Let’s take this hand up. I need you to lift a leg. As you lift your leg, you got to lift the other arm. Switch sides. Then we’re going to play a game called Instability. So extend the leg and arm. Lift. Lift. Hold. Hold. And relax.