Strength/Balance Interval
(Rotating stork & Rotating stork balance)

Strength exerciseMuscles involvedBalance exerciseMuscles involved
Rotating storkcoreRotating stork balancecore, quads, hip flexors

Let’s begin with our next core balance strength posture. So take your arms up and pull them down. I always feel so joyful when I start to work into my core. This time bend one foot. Extend the arms, slightly and then rotate one way and then the other. At the same time see that sexy kind of Betty Boop leg action I got going on. That’s actually going to help my thighs to be a little tighter together and we’re going to be adducting the entire time working your transverse or the lower part of your abdomen. Switch sides, please. Every time we begin, we show you the movement as a prep and as a tutorial to be fully prepared, nice and slow. 

The next section utilizes the same position except it is a balance challenge. And it is a challenge. Take a deep breath. Leg up. And now rotate. I don’t care which way you rotate but keep those thighs pressed to-gether. Let’s try the other side, please. Lift the knee up and engage the core. Feel it from the strengthener. The strengthener activates the balancing region and preps you.