Strength/Balance Interval
(Sexy crunch & Silly Billy front)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Sexy crunch core, biceps Silly billy Front core, inner thighs, pecs

In our next balance and power section for core strength. Meaning both front and back of the body. We have something we call the Freestyler Sexy crunch. So bend a knee. Bend a knee. And whichever arm is directly across from that knee, I want you to pull it into the knee. One more time. And then switch sides. Pull it in. And let’s switch. We’re going to pull it in. And what you’re doing now is a very sexy crunch. Keep your chest up and shoulders back. And bear down into the action. 

The next one is called Silly Billy. It is a balance challenge. Extend a foot in space. And the same arm. Don’t forget about the free arm. And now you have to move the arm and leg together in space. Everywhere the foot goes, the hand follows. Let’s switch that around. Preferably in front of the body first. Use the other arm for leverage. It really does help. Plus, it engages the supportive leg. So move the arm in space. Watch it as
it goes. And we call this action Silly Billy. If you bounce the arm, bounce the leg with it. And that will be your challenge.