Strength/Balance Interval
(Tree in the wind & Greek dancer)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Tree in the wind core Greek dancer core, inner thighs, quads

In this core strength and balance section the movement is made of an opening up action. We’d like to call this a Tree in the wind. So let’s begin with a rotation and take your elbow up just a bit. Engage the core. Move around. At your own tempo, your own pace. And if you’re out of sync with us, that’s OK too. 

The next movement we call it the Greek dancer. It’s a build-up of our earlier sirtaki movement. So take the leg up. Bring the heel across. And I’d really encourage you to use your bands to hold you up because they will. In essence you’re controlling your own tension. Let’s change sides. Lift up the other foot. Slowly. Assuredly. Take your time. If you need more help, raise higher up on your bands. It’s a fabulous device of the Freestyler.