Strength/Balance Interval
(Twisting pole & Arabesque)

Strength exercise Muscles involved Balance exercise Muscles involved
Twisting pole core Arabesque core, glutes, shoulders

Welcome to our core balance and strength section. Let’s get you ready and prep. Let’s learn the movements. Open up the shoulders. Close and cross the hands. Wrap the hands around you. Look to one side and then the other. Should the bands slightly fall off your elbows, no problems. Just readjust and then keep going. Work at your own pace. We like it like that. Extend your arms just a bit. Prep a toe. Bend the knee. Pull it back. 

And we call this a Dancer’s arabesque. Except you at home, you’re a dancer too. All you have to do is extend your arms outward and you’ll find your posture. Let’s switch sides. Try it on both sides. Prep a foot. Extend the arms. Bend the knee. Find it. Lift it. Engage the back. And extend. And come back to neutral.