(Alternate front raise)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Alternate front raise shoulders

Let’s start in the ready position. Begin by gently lowering your arms. Instead the knuckles of the hands are facing the legs. This will be your neutral stance. Next edition, one arm goes up. Raise your right arm up, palms facing the ceiling. As you come down and you hit your midline, switch arms. And we begin. These are anterior deltoid raises. So you’re going to work both of your shoulders at different times. They are alternating. As you move you are working the front of the shoulder muscle. As you return to neutral position you are using the muscles of the arm. Triceps are completely extended. As you come up it’s going to involve the anterior deltoid, bicep as well as triceps. The back muscles are engaged because you are standing tall, erect and strong. Knees can have slight flexion. Focus is strong, gaze is intense. Be sure to breathe as you move, maintaining core control, stabilizing the shoulders. No movement through center because you are tight. You are focused. We call this core connected and strength building. The movements are slow, easy to follow. Complete awareness of the anterior deltoid, tricep latessimus dorsi as you control the release. The entire upper body is being worked in one synchronized, fully-functioning movement. Continue your movement, breathe. As you fatigue, try to watch your shoulders. Appreciate the movement, the natural swing of the arms and shoulders. Feel the strength. Engage the shoulder. Feel the triceps. Work the back. Control the body. Tighten the core. Return to neutral.