(Alternate leg curls)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Alternate leg curls hamstrings
Let’s begin with the arms in the ready position. We’re going to go ahead and work the muscles and the back of the leg, the hamstrings. Let’s begin please by flexing the knee joint and taking one leg up to your gluts. Lift a leg and then release. Keep in mind that we’re alternating and your core will be challenged. The minute that you go to one leg the core automatically becomes engaged. Watch the string in front of you. Focus and stay in core control. Tighten the arms just a bit and you’ll find that you’re balance is improved even more. Another secret of balance is that it comes from the back as well as the abdomen. Tighten the muscles in the back. Pull the shoulders behind you. Chest up, shoulders back. One more secret to core balance. Tuck your chin in over your spine. Continue moving. As you become more fatigued, your arms will tend to flare out. Bring them into alignment right away. Leg goes to gluts. You are working the hamstrings. If you need a little bit of the rest, go ahead and separate the leg that did more. Keep moving, squeezing the gluts. Keep your knees slightly pulled back off the board. Keep pushing. Keep pressing. Squeeze core. And relax. Take it to a neutral position.