(Arm circles)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Arm circles shoulders, biceps, core

Let’s start in the ready position. Begin by extending your arms slightly in front of you. As you move forward toward your center line, cross in the center at your eye line and then explode outward, palms facing the ceiling. It is a circular action. As you go up, you’ll be working the muscles in the shoulders and in the chest. And as you release down, you’ll be working the muscles in the back. The entire time the elbows are slightly flexed, promoting maximum tension in the muscles in the arms. Chest up. Shoulders back. Push the sternum forward. As you fatigue, bend your knees slightly. Engage the core. Squeeze the legs. Keep the knees stable by pulling your hips slightly back and off the board. Core stabilization is key for balance and control. The movements are controlled, easy-to-follow, fully synchronized, engaging biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, core, legs and the lower leg as you push down and concentrate. Any movement in the upper body is connected through the core strength. Tighten and push down. Feel the energy through the upper body, the arms and the back. And relax. Let’s return to neutral.