(Bent over twist)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Bent over twist core

Start in the ready position. Begin by extending your arms forward, pulling the bands behind the elbow joint. Bend the knees by pulling the hips backward off the board. This puts you in a forward bend. Slowly rotate to your natural right. One elbow points to the ground. Switch sides and go to your natural left. Keep in mind that all movements are designed for your personal flexibility. As you move through core, you’re rotating, squeezing. The muscles in the gluts are engaged. Your knees are at a 20 degree angle, keeping your hips in one position and fixed. Core is engaged and active. Legs are working. Keep the legs at a 20 degree angle to maintain stability through the lower body. Chest up. Shoulders back. As you move, rotate the core. We must twist and rotate in almost any natural movement we engage in. As you look up, allow your head to rotate, increasing the rotation factor. Again go to your own ability and your own degree of rotation. You’re rotating around the axis, around the pelvic girdle as a fixed point. Let your head flow with you. Let your head decide the rotation. Feel the muscles in the shoulders, drop them into body. Drop the muscles down. Relax and breathe. Stay focused. As you complete your movement, look up. Extend the neck line. Extend the core. And bring your arms to neutral.