(Biceps screw curl)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Biceps screw curl biceps, shoulders

Start in ready position. This will be a bicep movement. Let’s begin please. Take the arms up, flaring them outward slightly, palms firs. As you come through center, rotate the wrist. Press backwards. And begin your tempos. As you come up, think of bicep, bicep. And as you go down, extend downward into your triceps. Use your thumb as your guide. Bring your thumbs together and take them to the ground. As you come up, throw them over your shoulder. You’re developing a peak on top of your bicep and every time you go back you’re working both triceps as well as the muscles in the back. There’s a slight fan-like action as you come towards your midline and then move away from your midline. The further you throw it over your shoulders the more challenged your biceps will become. Chest up. Shoulders back. Sternum pushing forward at all times. Knees are slightly bent. Pull your chin in over your spine. Keep breathing. Keep moving. Keep squeezing. Occasionally check your biceps movement. Watch your biceps as they go through the complete range of motion, including the triceps. Keep pushing and extending, working evenly and fully synchronized. Slow, controlled movements at the same time – think about it – your core is engaged. You’re upright. Bands are pulling on your legs. The entire body is engaged in the movement, moving as one complete unit, fluid and in control. Think core, squeeze. As you become more challenged, become more focused. Even harder. Squeeze the biceps, extend the triceps. Push. Squeeze. Enjoy the pulse. Take it up and return to neutral position.