(Biceps triceps)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Biceps triceps biceps, triceps

Let’s start in the ready position. This will be a combination of both biceps and triceps. Let’s start with a forward bicep action. Bend the elbow joint. Flex it up. Let’s take it to the shoulder. As you pull your elbows behind you and move through, rotate the wrists on the bottom. Take your tempo and speed. Bicep flexion into triceps extension. Remember to rotate the wrists at the bottom of the movement and at the top of the movement develop that fabulous peak on the bicep head. Throw your arms slightly out and over your shoulder. Occasionally look at your arms. Make sure they’re pumped. Smoothly move from biceps into triceps. Knees are slightly flexed. Feet are firmly on board and pressing down. The more you press down the more the legs activate, reaching into the core. Push the chest forward. As you press back, chest is forward. As you squeeze the bicep, chest remains forward. Bicep engagement. Triceps engagement. Core innovation. Shoulders working smoothly in unison. Squeezing the legs, squeezing the gluts. Putting pressure into the board, maintaining core stability at all times. Rotation at the bottom of the movement and at the top of the movement. The more you rotate out the more your body is going to love it, grow and with you. Continue moving and breathing. As you become more tired, work harder and harder, squeezing and then pressing behind you. Biceps squeeze, triceps extension, maintaining focus on the arms the entire time. Push your chest forward. Shoulders back and down. Feel your core connect. Feel your legs get tight. Squeeze the gluts. Pushing through the board squeeze. Veins in the arms starting to push. Keep breathing. Keep pushing. And relax. Go to neutral.