Exercise name Muscles involved
Butterfly chest, shoulders

Let’s start in the ready position. Begin by pulling your arms to your center and then slightly up through the midline. Let’s begin. Take it up to directly under your chin and then release it. Pull through center at a 45 degree plane. Knees are slightly bent at all times, engaging the legs. Gluts are tight. Core tight. Abs back. Shoulders. The muscles being worked are the muscles in the chest, minor and major pectoral muscles, completing the body potential in the upper body. All movement for pushing and pulling goes through core into chest and into back and into arms. Keep moving. Keep pressing. Keep pushing. As you move through, breathe. Keep going with that. Squeeze the muscles. Bring them in. Bring them into the midline and then release through to the side, keeping in mind that you want to maintain tension at all times through all the body parts. Core-connected moves. Arms slightly extended forward, maintaining control at all times. Move. Push. Breathe. Squeeze. Engage the chest. Engage the core. Engage the legs. Squeeze. Keep moving. Keep pressing. Keep breathing. Stay in control. Press, press, press. Great chest workout. And relax and return to neutral position.