(Calf raise)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Calf raise calves, core

Let’s start in the ready position. Begin by folding the hands in front of the chest, gently dropping the elbows down to the sides taking the tension into the back so that the back is completely engaged. Push down into the board and then lift up onto the forefoot and hold. Releasing downwards, pressing into the heel. As you lift up each time keep in mind that you are working the muscles in the lower leg. All movement, all kinetic change, all velocity acceleration begins from the feet, goes into the legs connects to core and explodes through the upper body. Work the muscles in your feet and the muscles in your lower legs. Complete the strength of the lower body by working quads, hams, gluts and the muscles in the lower leg: gastronemeus, soleus, muscles in the foot. Continue extending up onto the toes. Your into plantar flexion of the foot working ankles at the same time. Keep pushing, focusing on the lower legs. Keep moving and relax.