(Diagonal arm lift)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Diagonal arm lift shoulders, chest

Let’s begin in the ready position. Take your right arm. Reach up across yourself with the elbows slightly curled. And begin, alternating arm action and work the muscles of the upper body. Biceps, triceps. Stabilize the pelvic girdle. Push down through core. Minimize the body rotation as you squeeze your gluts bending your knees slightly. Slight forward hip flexion. Maintain tension on the free arm. At some point both arms will be tight and engaged. There will never be slackness in the band. Everything is engaged and working with tension and resistance 100% of the time. We call this a fully-synchronized full-body movement. Smooth arm action as you move from one arm movement to the next. Work in shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, chest. Stabilize the knees. And when you’re ready return to neutral.